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Steelers vs. Titans game recap Videos - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 4:15pm
Missi and Bob recap the Steelers 40-17 victory over the Titans.

Sights & Sounds: Steelers-Titans Week 11 Videos - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 3:30pm
Check out the sights and sounds from the Steelers' 40-17 win over the Titans.

Sights & Sounds: Steelers-Titans Week 11 Videos - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 3:30pm
Check out the sights and sounds from the Steelers' 40-17 win over the Titans.

A night to recognize those who protect Videos - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 3:03pm
The Steelers' Salute to Service game honored members from all branches of our military.

A night to recognize those who protect Videos - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 3:03pm
The Steelers' Salute to Service game honored members from all branches of our military.

Special surprise for member of the game News - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 1:30pm
Steelers Nation Unite delivered an unforgettable moment to a veteran member during Thursday night's game.

AFC Playoff Picture: The Steelers’ Week 11 win over the Titans keeps them in the driver’s seat

Behind the Steel Curtain - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 12:26pm

The Pittsburgh Steelers aren’t passengers, for once, in the AFC Playoff Picture.

The Pittsburgh Steelers were victorious for the fifth straight time Thursday night when they beat the Tennessee Titans 40-17 on Thursday Night Football. The win lifted their record to 8-2 on the season, and, for once, the team finds themselves in the driver’s seat, and not the passenger seat, in the race for home-field advantage.

Think about all the times Steelers fans have had to scoreboard watch in the final quarter of the season, hoping everything goes right for their favorite team to get into the postseason. Whether it was the Ryan Succop miss for Kansas City vs. the Chargers in 2013 which almost resulted in the perfect day of football for black-and-gold fans, only to see their dreams dashed. Or the 2015 season which came down to Week 17 and the Buffalo Bills beating the New York Jets to give the Steelers a new season.

For now, the Steelers won’t have to worry about those type of things. Why? Because if they keep winning they won’t need anyone’s help.

Some may suggest it is too early to be talking about the AFC Playoff Picture, but when it comes to the road to Super Bowl 52 coming through Heinz Field, not many Pittsburgh fans should object to this practice.

Let’s update the standings after Week 11 has officially gotten underway after Thursday Night Football:

1. Pittsburgh Steelers - 8-2
2. New England Patriots - 7-2 (NE @ OAK - game played in Mexico)
3. Jacksonville Jaguars - 6-3 (JAX @ CLE)
4. Kansas City Chiefs - 6-3 (KC @ NYG)
5. Tennessee Titans - 6-4
6. Buffalo Bills - 5-4 (BUF @ SD)
7. Baltimore Ravens - 4-5 (BAL @ GB)
8. Oakland Raiders - 4-5 (OAK vs. NE)
9. Miami Dolphins - 4-5 (MIA vs. TB)
10. New York Jets - 4-6

Yes, the Steelers vs. Patriots game is looming large in a few weeks, but the Steelers, and their 5-game winning streak, have put some pressure on the Patriots. One slip up and the entire complexity of the Playoff Picture can change in a big way.

There is a lot of football left to be played, but with Pittsburgh sitting at 8-2, before the mini bye week after a Thursday game, and 4 of their last 6 games in the friendly confines of Heinz Field, you have to love their chances at doing something which hasn’t been done since 2004.

Having home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Paul Zeise: Todd Haley looks a lot smarter when the Steelers stars make plays - Steelers/NFL - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 12:01pm

There seems to be a lot of chest pounding and self congratulating going on after the Steelers offense scored 40 points Thursday night in a win over Tennessee. The Steelers “silenced their critics” seems to be the story line. They proved everyone wrong; they sure showed everyone who they really are.

Call of the Game: AB's one-handed helmet catch Videos - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 11:50am
Antonio Brown pulls in his third touchdown of the night with this circus catch.

Call of the Game: AB's one-handed helmet catch Videos - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 11:50am
Antonio Brown pulls in his third touchdown of the night with this circus catch.

A perfect way to honor a true hero News - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 11:25am
Navy Senior Chief Officer Ralph Anderson got the surprise of a lifetime at the Steelers' game.

Ben Roethlisberger’s ‘Dilly Dilly’ call reaches the far ends of Steelers Nation

Behind the Steel Curtain - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 10:25am

If you haven’t seen, or heard of, the Bud Light commercial where the “Dilly Dilly” term originates, Steelers fans certainly know about it now...

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 8-2, coming off a huge 40-point output vs. the Tennessee Titans on Thursday Night Football. This is great news for the team pressing forward, but why on earth is the term “Dilly Dilly” being talked about so much?

For those who haven’t seen the new Bud Light commercial where the phrase was coined, check it out below:

While this had absolutely nothing to do with the Pittsburgh Steelers heading into the Week 11 game at Heinz Field, it was in the fourth quarter when the two entities became one — thanks to Ben Roethlisberger.

It was there when you heard Roethlisberger, in his pre-snap cadence, yell, “Dilly Dilly!”

#Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger calling "Dilly! Dilly!" during #TNF

— Jon Heath (@JonHeathNFL) November 17, 2017

It caught our attention, as well as others, on social media:

Anyone else just hear Ben call "Dilly Dilly"? lol

— BTSC Steelers (@btsteelcurtain) November 17, 2017

BEN - “TURBO TURBO POUNCE...DILLY DILLY” man I love my team man!!!

— Le'Veon Bell (@L_Bell26) November 17, 2017

As of Friday morning, the term “Dilly Dilly” was trending in and around the Pittsburgh area on Twitter.

The phenomenon continued to grow, and inspired a hilarious video by our friends at Benstonium. Check it out...oh, and “Dilly Dilly!”

It's lit, 'Dilly, Dilly' & love you bro News - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 10:00am
A fun look back at Thursday night's win over the Titans.

The Steelers’ 8th win marks a very important benchmark of the Mike Tomlin era

Behind the Steel Curtain - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 9:45am

Mike Tomlin knows how to win, and that’s why the 8th win of the season should always be celebrated by Steelers fans.

Winning 8 games in the NFL isn’t easy. Heck, just look at a team like the Cleveland Browns or Jacksonville Jaguars. Some franchises would kill for an 8-win season. For the Pittsburgh Steelers, it is the expectation and the standard which is to be upheld from the likes of Chuck Noll to Bill Cowher and now to Mike Tomlin.

While Chuck Noll and Bill Cowher had longer tenures in the Steel City than Tomlin, so far, Tomlin has accomplished something neither of the aforementioned coaches every did.

Never had a losing season.

Every year when the Steelers claim their 8th win of the season, it clinches the fact the team won’t lose more games than they won. A truly amazing feat in the free agency/salary cap era.

Tomlin has been blessed with great players, and a franchise quarterback, but his record speaks for itself. The Steelers’ 8-2 record is not only a tremendous start to the year, but the best start of their first 10 games since the 9-1 start of the 2004 season, Ben Roethlisberger’s rookie season.

At this point last season, the Steelers were 5-5, and their playoff hopes and dreams were in serious doubt. However, the script has certainly been flipped this season, as they sit atop the AFC and hold a huge lead in the AFC North. What might be the scariest part of this team is how they still haven’t reached their full potential.

Nonetheless, kudos to Mike Tomlin for another non-losing season. The next step is to win the division, secure home field advantage and get after the seventh Lombardi trophy in franchise history.

Steelers Report Card: Grading the Steelers Week 11 titanic takedown of Tennessee

Behind the Steel Curtain - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 8:28am

BTSC uncaps the red pens and grades the Steelers Week 11 home clash against the Titans of Tennessee at Heinz Field.

With the 7-2 Steelers returning from Indy after a mere four days rest to take on Tennessee, the faculty and staff at BTSC filled out report cards based on the team's performance. Join us and see just how well they graded out.

Offense: A-

The Killer B’s were on last night. Ben had four passes for scores, Bell (despite only 46 rushing yards) had 103 total, Brown's 10 catches for 144 yards and three touchdowns were a breakout and Bryant made some plays. The offense sputtered at times in the first half, but a huge prime time performance.

Valedictorian: Antonio Brown

Honor Roll: Ben Roethlisberger, Le'Veon Bell, Jesse James

Detention: Pass Blocking

Defense: A-

The defense gave up big plays again, but forced a good QB into errors. Having four interceptions and six sacks for the first time since 1984 was a great exclamation point. The secondary wasn't bulletproof, but they compensated for the loss of two starters quite well.

Valedictorian: Cam Heyward

Honor Roll: Sean Davis, Stephon Tuitt, Javon Hargrave, Vince Williams, Coty Sensabaugh, T.J. Watt

Detention: Nobody, but Artie Burns had an inconsistent game

Special Teams: B+

Boswell rebounded from his worst game last week, with a money night of four field goals. Watt's FG block was pretty big early on and Berry does little things well.

Valedictorian: Chris Boswell

Honor Roll: T.J. Watt, Jordan Berry

Detention: Nobody

Overall: A

It was a statement win over a division leader. Even though this is five straight wins, this could be the game that pulls the whole season completely together.

Steelers vs. Titans: 5 Winners and 3 Losers in the Steelers’ win over the Titans

Behind the Steel Curtain - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 7:19am

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 8-2 and it’s time to see who played well and who left much to be desired.

After each game, there are some players who impress and others who disappoint. This is where our weekly Winners and Losers column was born. Sometimes being labeled a loser is a bit harsh, but invariably there are players in each game who simply don’t measure up to “the standard”.

Time to diagnose who falls into which category for the Pittsburgh Steelers after the Week-11 game against the Tennessee Titans.


Antonio Brown

Just when you think Brown can’t get any better, he goes and does something like he did on Thursday Night Football at Heinz Field. Ten receptions, 144 yards and three touchdowns. The last touchdown might be one of the greatest of his career, and he’s had plenty to choose from. Fans should enjoy watching his greatness week in and week out.

Ben Roethlisberger

I have taken some heat for putting Roethlisberger on this list for a rather mediocre performance, but I don’t think many will argue with him being here after Week 11. He completed 30 of 45 passes for 299 yards and 4 touchdowns. It was a vintage Ben performance, especially when the team utilized the no-huddle offense. Hopefully, this is a stepping stone for Roethlisberger and the offense.

Cam Heyward

Heyward has been absolutely dominant this season, and so he was again on Thursday. His two sacks, three tackles, two tackles for losses and three quarterback hits epitomized his overall season. If Heyward isn’t in the Pro Bowl, there’s something wrong with the process. Then again, I think the Steelers will be busy during the Pro Bowl.

Ball Hawks

The Steelers’ defense has had its hands on some footballs, and have seen quite a few of them fall to the turf. But this wasn’t the case in Week 11 when they intercepted Marcus Mariota four times. Mike Hilton, Coty Sensabaugh, Sean Davis and Robert Golden all got their hands on the football, and it was a huge factor in the game.

Sack Machine

The Steelers might not have a player with double-digit sacks this season, but they’re getting pressure from a variety of players. Stephon Tuitt (1), Cam Heyward (2), L.T. Walton (1) and Vince Williams (1) added to their sack totals (and the team’s) by sacking Mariota. But they also hit Mariota nine times. Solid outing for the pass rush.


Artie Burns

I don’t want to hate on Burns too much, but his play the past few weeks has been mediocre at best. Despite having a pass break-up which resulted in an interception, Burns’ play needs to improve throughout the final seven weeks if the team wants to have a truly dominant pass defense.

Third Down Offense

The Steelers’ offense was 4-for-12 and below .500 again on those key plays. This just isn’t good enough, and if you combine it with the red-zone struggles, it magnifies why the team’s offense just hit 30 points or more for the first time this season in Week 11.


Another first half with horrid tackling. Players in position, and nothing but arm tackles which were broken for big plays. The Steelers’ defense is good, but they surrender the big play, both on the ground and through the air, more than they should. Still plenty to improve on in this area.

Fan proud to give back to the community Videos - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 6:59am
See how this Steelers Nation Unite member used his Steelers RV to make a positive impact in the community at every game last season.

Pittsburgh Steelers take to social media to celebrate their Week 11 win over the Titans

Behind the Steel Curtain - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 5:33am

Check out what the Steelers said on social media following their Week 11 win vs Tennessee.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 8-2 heading into a short week, and that stems from a big win over the Tennessee Titans at Heinz Field in Week 11. After the game, the players were celebrating on social media, and it’s time to check on what was said from both former and current players.

(Editor’s Note: This article can be updated as more players take to social media after the game.)

I love you bro ShakeNBake

— Vincenzo Williams (@VinnyVidiVici98) November 17, 2017

Victory weekend #HereWeGo

— Lt Walton (@LT_Da_DT) November 17, 2017

Jersey Swap with my brotha! From playing together ➡️ lining up on Thursday Night Football, All Glory To God

— JuJu Smith-Schuster (@TeamJuJu) November 17, 2017

We still have a long way to go of improvement

— Big Bud (@Bud_Dupree) November 17, 2017

BEN - “TURBO TURBO POUNCE...DILLY DILLY” man I love my team man!!!

— Le'Veon Bell (@L_Bell26) November 17, 2017

It’s lit! Great W! @AB84 went crazzeeeee!!!

— JuJu Smith-Schuster (@TeamJuJu) November 17, 2017

To those whom are salty #youkmowwhoyouare

— Justin Hunter (@justinhunter_11) November 17, 2017

So am I still not good enough???? Bet

— Vincenzo Williams (@VinnyVidiVici98) November 17, 2017

Great Job on a short week. Much need rest. #doittuitt @ Heinz Field

— stephon tuitt (@DOCnation_7) November 17, 2017

Feels so good to be 8-2 #TerribleTowel

— Justin Hunter (@justinhunter_11) November 17, 2017

Coach LEABEAU looks good for his age... @AB84 is the best WR @AdoreeKnows wIll be a star... @steelers looking like JANUARY FOOTBALL...

— Ike Taylor (@Ike_SwagginU) November 17, 2017

The defense is on !! #HereWeGo

— Jerome Bettis (@JeromeBettis36) November 17, 2017

Video highlights from the Steelers' 40-17 win over the Titans - Steelers/NFL - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 5:27am

Video highlights from the Steelers' 40-17 win over the Tennessee Titans at Heinz Field Thursday night:

Leaders in the Classroom Week 10 winner: Dr. Sandy Cavanaugh News - Fri, 11/17/2017 - 5:00am
Dr. Sandy Cavanaugh from Canon-McMillan High School has been selected as the Leaders in the Classroom Week 10 winner.


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