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Food Drive

There certainly has been a great deal going on lately and there is a lot of tension and negative energy out there. Here is our chance to help.  Every year the SFOM conducts its annual food drive to benefit The Second Harvest Food Bank in the Twin Cities.  Since we started the drive years ago, we have helped donate hundreds of thousands of pounds of food to our neighbors in need during the holiday season.  What started out as a contest with other team’s bars locally turned into us picking up all of the slack and we have never missed a beat.

The way this works is that we start off with a jersey and for every $500 that we raise we thrown in another jersey.  We have a great selection of jerseys for the winners.  Don’t forget 100% of all of the money that we collect goes directly to Second Harvest.  So please give if you can and help us help our community this holiday season.

A special thanks goes out to our FDC (Food Drive Coordinator) Ed Buechel and all the volunteers that help with their tireless efforts every year.   In 2016, we collected $4400, which Ed turned into $12,000 through matching funds.

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