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This Week's Game Plan

Steelers at Jaguars 2018

Sunday, November 18, 2018 - 12:00pm
Doors open at: 
11 A.M.

Who wants a touchdown?  Alright then, you get a touchdown, you get a touchdown, and you get a touchdown…  All of yinz get a touchdown! The Steelers scored seven touchdowns, from seven different players to secure an impressive win over the Carolina Panthers.  After an extended rest, the Stillers go on the road and we need you here…

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2017 Season Re-cap

Hey Yinz Guys,

This is always the worst time of the year to write the season ending email…BEFORE the Super Bowl.  The quest for #7 ended at the AFC Divisional Playoff round to a hungry Jacksonville Jaguars team.  Despite being down 21 points, the Stillers fought back, but in the end, could not stop the Jags.  There will be plenty of time for what-ifs in the offseason as Steeler Nation is once again left oh so close.


Second Harvest Heartland Thanks SFoMinn

Highlights from the attached letter:

  • Among these acts of support was the Steeler Fans of Minnesota's gift of $3,590 received in November. Together with the matching funds from Bank of America, your generosity totaled $10,090. Because every $1 provides three meals, your support provides 30,270 meals.
  • your gift offers hope and warmth
  • Without you, our work would not be possible.


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