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This Week's Game Plan - Colts @ Steelers 2014

Hey Yinz Guys,

Do you remember the television show 24? In that show Keifer Sutherland played agent Jack Bauer. Each season was 24-1 hour episodes which covered 24 hours in the life of Bauer. The one hour episodes depicted events as they happened in real time. To emphasize the real world flow of events a clock was prominently displayed on screen during the show.

Well the Monday version of this show would have been titled 1:13 as the Steelers scored 3 touchdowns in that time span to close out a first half that was as exciting of any episode of 24. What will Sunday’s episode bring? There is only one place to find out…


This is the final week of the food drive for this season so come on out and help us support Second Harvest and needy Twin Cities families.  You know the way this works; we start off with a jersey and for every $500 we add an additional jersey.  This week we have a special treat.  With Halloween approaching we know the rest of the country has Jack O’Lanterns well we have a Jack O’Lambert!  Barb Hardy is generously donating one of her famous carved Steelers pumpkins.  You have to see it!

Pittsburgh Penguins' Visit to Minnesota

Hockey season is here! Tickets are available for the Pittsburgh Penguins' visit to Minnesota this year. Tuesday, November 4 is the regular season game. There are bar rail tickets available at $55 and seats available at $88.

If you are interested, please either bring money to one of the Steelers games or reach out to "Hockey" John at so that we can arrange arrange payment via mail.  If you have already requested tickets and have not paid, please do so by 10/24.

Meet SFoM

Club Picture 2010

Steelers Fans of Minnesota gathered in the parking lot of Patrick McGovern's Pub on Septemer 19, 2010 at halftime of the Steelers' 19-11 victory over the Tennessee Titans

Plus: great video of the gang participating (including Jimmy Phelan on the spoons) in a post-touchdown rendition of the Steelers polka ...


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