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This Week's Game Plan

Ravens @ Steelers 2017

Sunday, December 10, 2017 - 7:30pm
Doors open at: 
6:30 P.M.

We always try to make these weekly emails light and fun; and we will do that later. However, all of Steeler Nation’s thoughts, prayers and hearts are with Ryan Shazier as he recovers from his very serious injury.  We as fans get so wrapped up in the games that it is easy to forget what can happen on any play, especially one that is so routine.  Monday night was very sobering for not just Steeler Nation, but sports fans everywhere.  The important thing is that Ryan Shazier is back in Pittsburgh, where he is surrounded by his loved ones and continues to receive world class care.  Let’s all take a moment and send our thoughts, prayers or whatever it is that you do, for a quick recovery.  Here’s to the holiday season bringing #50 walking through the door at Steelers headquarters.

With that said, the season continues and that includes this weekend and you know where to be…

Second Harvest Heartland Thanks SFoMinn

Highlights from the attached letter:

  • Among these acts of support was the Steeler Fans of Minnesota's gift of $3,590 received in November. Together with the matching funds from Bank of America, your generosity totaled $10,090. Because every $1 provides three meals, your support provides 30,270 meals.
  • your gift offers hope and warmth
  • Without you, our work would not be possible.

Meet SFoM

Club Picture 2010

We are a well organized group of Steelers fans who gather weekly to watch the games.  Our Club has been together since the late 80's starting out with a bunch of Northwest Airlines mechanics who went to aircraft technician school in PA. Thus, many came from the Pittsburgh area and started getting together at a local watering hole to watch the games.  The club has grown over the last 20 years and we have been at our current location (Patrick McGovern's in downtown St. Paul) for several years.  We have a lot of Pittsburgh transplants living here in the Twin Cities, but many people are from around here and choose to support a great team, so we have a mix of all kinds of fun fans from all kinds of backgrounds.

SFoMinn Traveling Sign

One of the things that keeps showing up at Steeler games is the SFOM sign.  It has been to almost as many Steeler games this year as Martavis Bryant.  If you are planning on attending a game, either home or away, and want to sport the sign, contact us here or when you are at McGovern’s.


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