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SFoM Annual Draft Night Gathering

The SFOM gathers again for the annual Draft Night Gathering to informally launch the new season at our small events venue.  The draft begins at 7:00 PM and the Steelers have the 20th pick.  What will the Black and Gold do?  Linebacker? Defensive Back? Wide Receiver?  Tight End? Trade? You never know, so get there at the start and watch all the fun and excitement (and Commissioner Goodell getting booed).

Meet SFoM

Club Picture 2010

We are a well organized group of Steelers fans who gather weekly to watch the games.  Our Club has been together since the late 80's starting out with a bunch of Northwest Airlines mechanics who went to aircraft technician school in PA. Thus, many came from the Pittsburgh area and started getting together at a local watering hole to watch the games.  The club has grown over the last 20 years and we have been at our current location (Patrick McGovern's in downtown St. Paul) for several years.  We have a lot of Pittsburgh transplants living here in the Twin Cities, but many people are from around here and choose to support a great team, so we have a mix of all kinds of fun fans from all kinds of backgrounds.

Season Recap

Hey Yinz Guys,

On this edition of the Real Housewives of Heinz Field, the season ended early for our heroes as the Brownies could not help aht. The big questions heading into the off-season are: will Ben and Antonio patch things up?  Which Steelers player will next appear as The Masked Singer? Who stays? Who goes? Stay tuned as the Real Housewives of Heinz Field returns soon.


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